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 Store Support - Products Settings

Go to Settings and then Products as shown below:


Supplier Can Delete:  allows or prevents a Supplier from being able to delete products.

Display Compare Price:  displays or hides the Compare At Price field within the product details view.

Products Approval:  if set to Manual, new products submitted by Suppliers will go into Pending Review status so the Store Admin can review them. To have them then go onsite, you need to change their status to Active. If set to Auto, newly submitted products will go directly onsite and bypass the approval queue.

Edits Approval:  this is the identical functionality as the above Products Approval but for Edits. That is, if set to Manual and a Supplier makes an edit to a product already in Active status (it is onsite), the product will go back into Pending Review status. If set to Auto, any edits the Supplier makes will not change the product's status.

Select the fields the Supplier is required to complete to submit a product:  check the boxes for the fields you want to require be populated by the Supplier before new products can be submitted or before edits can be saved.