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 Store Support - Editing + Deleting Products

Editing Products

Step #1:  Go to Products, click on the gear icon next to that product and then Edit as shown below:


Product Sorting: in the Products list view, products in Pending Review status will appear on top by default since this is the status awaiting the Shop to review. Following those products will be products in Awaiting Edits status as those are awaiting edits be made by the Supplier (in the Portal, products in Awaiting Edits appear on top for the Supplier).

Step #2:  Clicking on Edit will bring you into the product details:

A few things to note in this view:

(1)  Sections:  you can move between these 5 sections to input information. The Variants tab is where you input information related to product options (size, color, material, etc.).
(2)  Status:  there are four (4) different statuses a product can have:

Pending Review - product waiting for Store Admin to review.
Awaiting Edits - Store Admin waiting for Supplier to provide requested edits.
Active - product is onsite.
Inactive - product is not displayed onsite.

(3)  View:  clicking on this link will open a new tab to view the product onsite.
(4)  Request Edits:  see something wrong with a product, or require more information? - Use this function to send an email to the Supplier requesting changes to this item. The Supplier will also see this message in the Portal when they go into this product.
(5)  Set Publish Date:  for new items that have never been onsite before, both you or the Supplier can set a future date for the item to go onsite.


Deleting Products

Within the product, click on the red Delete button. You will be asked to confirm this action since it cannot be reversed. If you want to retain the product data but hide the product onsite, change the status instead to Inactive.

Note on Deleting Products: you can choose whether to allow a Supplier the ability to delete products by going to Settings > Products > Supplier Can Delete as shown below: