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 Store Support - Creating Products

Step #1:  Go to Products and click on Add Product >> as shown below:

Creating Products in Admin

Step #2:  Required fields will be indicated in red: these fields must be populated before you may Continue. If you exit this view by clicking << Back to Products, the information you enter here will not be saved: that will only occur once you hit Continue and move into the product creation process.

  • Note: you can adjust which fields are required for product creation in Settings > Products.

Step #3:  Proceed through the tabs to input the relevant product data. A few notes:

  • Categories: you can only assign products to Categories within a product. To add/edit Categories, you will need to do so within the Categories main menu. The Order field will default to 100, though you can change this to prioritize where a particular item displays on your website in that Category.
  • Variants: you first need to Add Option(s) (up to 3 total), such as Size, Color, or Material along with accompanying Option Values for each (Small, Medium, Large for example, or Blue, Green, Purple, etc.).

If any required fields are missing data, a prompt will instruct you to address those before proceeding.


(Note: the product import function will be released soon. In the meantime, you can upload products in Shopify Admin.)