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 Store Support - Customizing the Portal Design

Here you can setup the Supplier Portal to have the same look & feel as your brand.
Go to Settings and then Portal as shown below:


Step #1:  Shop Logo

Check this box to display your Shop Logo in the upper-left of the Supplier Portal as uploaded in the Settings > General > Shop Logo section of the app. Un-check this box to display your Shop Title as is entered in Settings > General > Shop Title.

Step #2:  Primary + Secondary Colors

Customize the color scheme of your Supplier Portal using these fields.

(Note: be careful about using colors that are too light as white text may not be as legible on light colors.)

Step #3:  Welcome Message

Here is where you can input some text to communicate to new Suppliers who visit your Registration Page to setup their account for the first time. The screenshot below shows where this will appear: